Jay Leno’s Garage – 2016 Ford GT350R SpeedKore Carbon Spec

In the latest episode of Leno’s Garage, David Salvaggio, Vice President of Speedkore, stops by the garage to show Jay their all carbon fiber bodied Ford 350R.
The Shelby GT350R with its hand-assembled 5.2-liter Ti-VCT V8 with a Flat-Plane Crank under the hood is the most track-ready Mustang ever built. Although comes equipped with some lightweight features like carbon fiber wheels and rear-seat delete, the GT350R it’s still a heavy car. However, the folks at SpeedKore have the solution. They have turned all panels of a new GT350R into a full carbon fiber body saving hundreds of pounds. But it’s not cheap, it will cost you around $64,000.
SpeedKore vice president David Salvaggio doesn’t say the exact figures, but only that the weight savings are at least 400 lbs.
What other features does the car have? Find out by watching the video below.