You can now make 2018 Ford Mustang exhaust note as your ringtone

Ford Mustans fans can now make 2018 Ford Mustang exhaust note as their ringtone. The signature growl of a Ford Mustang has been captured and made available as a free downloadable ringtone.
Ford engineers mounted microphones on a 2018 Mustang equipped with all-new active valve performance exhaust, in order to record the sound for the new ringtone. The audio plays the sound of the exhaust in track mode as the car races to speeds up to 155 mph.
“The new exhaust system can be made more exhilarating when a driver wants it to be, more subdued at other times. In track mode, this car really growls the way a Mustang should, and the new ringtone is a great way for fans to have fun with that,” said Ford exhaust development engineer, Matt Flis.
According to Ford, the new active valve performance exhaust, available on V8-equipped Mustang GT models, provides drivers broader control over the exhaust system’s auditory output. Compared to the basic on/off capabilities common on many sports cars, the new Mustang exhaust system uses active valves to create an infinite range of sound output based on exhaust mode setting, engine rpm and vehicle speed. The driver can toggle through four exhaust-note options: “Quiet,” “Normal,” “Sport” and “Track.”
This 2018 Ford Mustang ringtone is available for download here.