Alfa Romeo to launch eight new models by 2018

Alfa RomeoItalian brand Alfa Romeo with a strong comeback – after years of “standby” Alfa Romeo will start a real invasion of the market in the following three years and will launch 8 new models! President of Alfa Romeo – Reid Bigland – in Geneva said simply and clearly that the Italian brand will not launch cheap cars, but it shall launch eight new models in the next few years.Alfa Romeo to launch eight new models by 2018 According to him, Alfa Romeo will not follow the trend of other premium brands to launch smaller and cheaper cars, but to take advantage of familiarity with Ferrari and Maserati to offer more exclusive models. The first model to be launched this year is the new competitor to the BMW 3 Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Audi A4 – and should follow the same principles that were applied in the development of the gorgeous 4C. Alfa Romeo to launch eight new models by 2018 01Furthermore, it will follow the other models, among which a mid-size crossover in 2016, and slowly but surely the brand will begin to get back and on the North American market. Currently, Alfa Romeo sells only three different models – small MiTo, hatchback Giuilietta and super-sporty 4C, but with an increased variety of products seriously will improve the competitiveness of the brand and shall emerge from the current shadow. We are huge fans of Alfa Romeo, so we look forward to new models and hope that Alfa Romeo will again make cars that are so beautiful, simply breathtaking and look forward for the new Giulia, the successor to the model 159 whose premiere is scheduled for 24 June.