Audi unveiled a concept Prologue

Audi Prologue Concept_6

Audi in Los Angeles introduced the concept of new luxury coupe, which should serve as the basis for the model A9, but also announced the new design of future models of the German brand. Prologue is an elegant coupe that is slightly shorter than the A8, and certainly the emphasis is on the design. Prologue Coupe has recognizable elements of an Audi – a large hexagonal front grille, elongated, narrow headlights. But, the mask is massive, headlights are thinner , and the front part gives the impression of a more aggressive and modern cars compared to, let’s say, restyled Audi A7.Audi Prologue Concept_12

The designers have created a new stop lights, which also does not deviate from the philosophy of the Audi, but bring refreshments to the rear of the vehicle. The passenger cabin is equipped with a digital instrument panel, there are several touch screen displays, and there is a “electronic butler” who recognizes the driver by mobile phone and automatically adjusts the seat, settings of the air conditioner, radio and navigating according to his or her preferences. Even the headrests of the rear seats are automatically lifted when the passenger will sit, or descend when leaves the vehicle. Head of Audi, Ulrich Hackenberg, claims that Prologue Coupe is a milestone in Audi’s history and opens new perspectives for the future of the company.Audi Prologue Concept_11

The interior of this car can accommodate four people. With a length of 5100 mm, a width of 1950 mm, height of 1390 mm and a wheelbase that is 2940 mm, Audi Coupe Prologue can be compared to the Mercedes S-class coupe. Prologue Coupe is powered by 4.0 V8 bi-turboTFSI with 445 kW or 605 hp and a maximum torque of 750 Nm. This engine is paired with an 8-speed Tiptronic transmission and has quattro 4WD. In the Audi claim that the car is capable, from standstill to 100 km/h to accelerate in 3.7 s, which is an excellent result for a car that has a mass of 1980 kg.