Ford Mustang Gt-500 Shelby Eleanor Cervini 2007 For Sale – Video

Modifications and list of mounted parts:
 - Compressor V3 Vortech with aftercooler
 - New engine block with mileage of 25,000 km !!!
 - Steel hoses are used on the refrigeration lines
 - All engine components were polished and painted with top shades
 - All liquids, oils and filters are listed on NOW
 - Front Grille Cervini
 - Sports conical air filter
 - Compressor pressure indicator (hidden in the driver's air)
 - Front bumper Roush and rear spoiler
 - Roush 400S Throttle Tuners with GT
 - TSW Valencia 19cali wheels
 - Rear Suspension Watts Link White line - Coupling Spec 2
 - Imitations of air intakes and side window grilles
 - Eibaha stabilizer kit
 - Back to the Amor Tokico
 - Rear rollers on spoon ball bearings
 - Short Shifter Hurst-a
 - Exhaust manifolds BBK shots
 - MG Motorsport streamlines
 - Flowmaster end exhausts
 - Mirror Agent 47
 - Gt500 strut
 - Ford Racing front control arms
 - Cobra emblems
 - Tinted windows
 - Black crystal lamps "GTO"
 - Halogens in the front bumper-
 - Tires behind the Michelin PS2
 - The dashboard with black leather and red embroidery of the cobra embroidery on the front and back of the armrests was additionally padded with an armrest with a "SUPER SNAKE" logo.
 - Black headliner
 - Shelby GT engine and accessories
 - Rear bridge transposition 3:55 with Ford racing
 - Shepper Shelby carbon
 - Weight 1580 kg
 - Power 500 hp
 - Acceleration from 0 to 100km / h (0 to 62 mph) = 4.2 sec !!

The car is for sale in Poland and the asking price is 90 000zł, about 22.500 euros ( $23250).

Source: WTC – Watch This Car