Ford Unveils 2018 Focus RS Limited Edition – Video

Ford has revealed a Limited Edition of the RS with a choice of a new shade of paint as well as a limited-slip differential.
The Ford Focus RS with its all-wheel-drive system and 350 hp under the hood is one of the fastest hot hatches, but some customers are 100 percent satisfied because of a lack of color options. So, at the request of Ford fans, the company has decided to give the RS a new paint option called “Race Red.”
Besides the new shade of paint, the 2018 Focus RS Limited Edition also received a limited-slip differential for the front axle to improve traction under acceleration and aid corner exit speed, according to Ford. The optional black painted, forged19-inch wheels comes standard on the Limited Edition.
The interior is also upgraded. The special edition comes standard with the RS2 package, which includes a heated steering wheel, heated mirrors, heated power Recaro seats wrapped in leather and microfiber, and voice-activated navigation.
The 2018 Focus RS Limited Edition only be offered in North America, with only 1000 units coming to the US and an additional 500 for Canada. The company is taking orders for the car this summer, while the first deliveries are scheduled to begin in the fall.