Shift into R with Honda

Since the Honda Civic Type R’s first release in 1997 it has been the topic of many conversations among car enthusiasts here in America. Mostly for the same reason the skyline is the topic of so much discussion, it has never been available to the American public being only available in continents such as Asia and Europe. Well, that all changed at this year’s Sema convention the years biggest auto show where there’s always something new to see and the biggest unexpected delivery came out of the Honda line up introducing the 2017 Honda Civic Type R prototype that will be available this upcoming summer at Honda dealers nationwide. Promising a big enough supply that a waiting list will be irrelevant less than a year after its first release. honda-civic-type-r-prototype-2016-sema-01
Very few details have been released about the all new 2017 Type R you could definitely say that Honda is only pulling the curtain half way with this release. What we do know is that this front wheel drive monster will be pushing somewhere around 315 hp and right around the same with torque, to a lot of people this would raise concern about torque steer, but you must remember Honda has been at this for more than 20 years delivering amazing engines in a front wheel drivetrain so they definitely know what they’re

Even more to get excited about is that the Type R will feature a button call simply R which will override the VTEC allowing all valves to be open at once for more pick up and speed. Featuring 20 inch wheels and an all around Brembo brake system and the signature Type R Recaro racing seats…. well at the very least they are giving us some details and this definitely has the community excited and watch out for more news coming January 2017.