This 800HP VW Golf 6 R 3.6 HGP Biturbo is a supercar killer

German aftermarket company HGP, specializing in tuning VW cars has created this insane Golf 6 R that will kill supercars800HP VW Golf 6 R 3.6 HGP Biturbo-03
For this project, HGP removed the stock two-liter turbocharged inline-four cylinder engine and installed a VR6 unit from VW Passat R36. HGP also treated the six cylinder unit with a comprehensive list of modifications, including a twin-turbocharger setup, two large volume intercoolers, modified ECU, custom HPG Carbon-ceramic discs and high pressure fuel pump, among others.

800HP VW Golf 6 R 3.6 HGP Biturbo-02 Thanks to these modifications the Golf R 6 now delivers 800 hp.
Check out the video below and see this incredibly fast wipes the floor with cars like a Porsche Boxster GTS, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and BMW M3.